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Groundcover Propagation and Shrub Production

Groundcover Propagation - Shrub Production

We generally use a large quantity of ground cover plants in our landscape planting schemes. Here our designers and nurserymen work closely together and by advance growing to order we produce the perfect plant for quick establishment. This can generally be accomplished within a 3 month period. We keep a resource of carefully selected ‘mother plants’ that provide vegetative material from which we propagate new plants and we have a large refrigerated seed store to keep previously harvested seed fresh. We once propagated 40,000 groundcover plants for one of our projects.

Jardin has three production nurseries with the largest facility being in Abuja near the airport. Here we have a several areas dedicated to the production of quality shrubs with specimens up to 2m in height; depending on the species. They are carefully germinated from seed or propagated from cuttings and are then grown on in individual containers. Mature plants are maintained in large beds in designated parts of the nursery. We stock over 150 species with many cultivars and varieties grown for the quality of the flowers. We also grow a selection of specimen ‘low light’ shrubs under shade specifically to be used as interior plants for the office or atrium.

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